HumaReC blogposts archive (24 months SNSF project 2016-2018)


  • Written by Sara Schulthess
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Collaboration with Transkribus

One of the aims of HumaReC will be to use the Handwritten Text Recognition (HTR) technology developed by the Research Infrastructure Transkribus, which is funded by the H2020 Project READ - Recognition and Enrichment of Archivial Documents. We are glad to collaborate with the Transkribus team!

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Launching HumaReC: the Project

Welcome to the research platform of the DH project HumaReC !

The research question of HumaReC is to investigate, using the edition of a unique trilingual Greek, Latin and Arabic New Testament manuscript as test-case, how Humanities research is reshaped and transformed by the digital rhythmus of data production and publication.

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