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Paper Meeting "Neutestamentliches Kolloquium der schweizerischen theologischen Fakultäten"

Schulthess, Sara, Die frühen arabischen Übersetzungen der Paulusbriefe: Zwei Handschriften, zwei Beispiele. Paper at the meeting "Neutestamentliches Kolloquium der schweizerischen theologischen Fakultäten", Zurich, 13.05.2017.

Editing New Testament Arabic Manuscripts on a TEI-base

Clivaz, Claire; Schulthess, Sara; Sankar, Martial (2017), Editing New Testament Arabic Manuscripts on a TEI-base: fostering close reading in Digital Humanities, in Journal of Data Mining and Digital Humanities, Special Issue on Computer-Aided Processing of Intertextuality in Ancient Languages, 1-6.

Link: https://jdmdh.episciences.org/paper/view?id=3700

Paper Conference "Translators, copyists and interpreters: Jews, Christians and Muslims"

Schulthess, Sara, Marciana Gr. Z. 11 (379): A New Testament multilingual manuscript from a multilingual milieu?. Paper at the international conference "Translators, copyists and interpreters: Jews, Christians and Muslims", Córdoba, 27.04.2017.

Link: http://www.uco.es/servicios/publicaciones/ocs/index.php/translators_copyists/

Paper EADH Day 2017

Schulthess, Sara; Clivaz, Claire; Chasapi, Anastasia; Sankar, Martial; Xenarios, Ioannis, A Trilingual Greek-Latin-Arabic Manuscript of the New Testament: A Fascinating Object as Test Case for New DH Practices. Paper at the EADH Day “Diversity, multiculturalism and theoretical foundations of DH: how big can the tent be?”, Rome, 25.01.2017.

Link: http://aiucd2017.aiucd.it/?page_id=14

*Forthcoming* Paper Conference "The Bible in Arabic"

Schulthess, Sara, The Arabic Translation of the Letters of Paul of Latin Origin: New Elements. Paper at the Conference "The Bible in Arabic", Tel Aviv University, 07-09.11.2017.

Poster DH2017

Schulthess, Sara; Chasapi, Anastasia; Xenarios, Ioannis; Sankar, Martial; Clivaz, Claire, HumaReC Project: Digital New Testament and Continuous Data Publishing. Poster at the DH2017, Montréal, 08.08.2017.

Link: https://dh2017.adho.org/abstracts/020/020.pdf

Paper 72nd General Meeting of the SNTS

Schulthess, Sara, Marciana Gr. Z. 11 (379) and the Project HumaReC: An Innovative Research Model for an Unique New Testament Manuscript. Seminar paper at the 72nd General Meeting of the SNTS, Pretoria, 08.08.2017.

Link: https://snts2017.org/