SNSF HumaReC project 2016-2018 (24 months): outputs


Paper Conference "Translators, copyists and interpreters: Jews, Christians and Muslims"

Schulthess, Sara, Marciana Gr. Z. 11 (379): A New Testament multilingual manuscript from a multilingual milieu?. Paper at the international conference "Translators, copyists and interpreters: Jews, Christians and Muslims", Córdoba, 27.04.2017.


Paper SBL Meeting 2016 San Antonio

Sara Schulthess and Claire Clivaz, Studying an Arabic New Testament Manuscript (Vat. Ar. 13): So What? Paper at the SBL Meeting 2016, San Antonio, 19.11.2016.

Paper EADH Day 2017

Schulthess, Sara; Clivaz, Claire; Chasapi, Anastasia; Sankar, Martial; Xenarios, Ioannis, A Trilingual Greek-Latin-Arabic Manuscript of the New Testament: A Fascinating Object as Test Case for New DH Practices. Paper at the EADH Day “Diversity, multiculturalism and theoretical foundations of DH: how big can the tent be?”, Rome, 25.01.2017.