HumaReC is reaching out !

Forthcoming: Talk at the SIB Days 2018

Sankar, Martial; Schulthess, Sara; Chasapi, Anastasia; Xenarios, Ioannis; Clivaz, Claire; Vital-DH projects@Vital-IT: Research and Infrastructure Challenges. Talk at the SIB Days 2018, Biel, 26.06.2018.

Paper Conference "The Bible in Arabic"

Schulthess, Sara, The Arabic Translation of the Letters of Paul of Latin Origin: New Elements. Paper at the Conference "The Bible in Arabic", Tel Aviv University, 07-09.11.2017.

Link: Pdf of the program

Poster DH2017

Schulthess, Sara; Chasapi, Anastasia; Xenarios, Ioannis; Sankar, Martial; Clivaz, Claire, HumaReC Project: Digital New Testament and Continuous Data Publishing. Poster at the DH2017, Montréal, 08.08.2017.


Présentation au colloque "L’auteur·e à l’ère numérique" à l'Université de Nîmes

Clivaz, Claire; Éditeur, auteur, directeur, encodeur : la valse des rôles dans le projet HumaReC, présentation au colloque "L’auteur·e à l’ère numérique", Université de Nïmes, 29.03.2018 (10h30).


Paper 72nd General Meeting of the SNTS

Schulthess, Sara, Marciana Gr. Z. 11 (379) and the Project HumaReC: An Innovative Research Model for an Unique New Testament Manuscript. Seminar paper at the 72nd General Meeting of the SNTS, Pretoria, 08.08.2017.


Talk at the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki

Chasapi, Anastasia; Schulthess, Sara, Vital-DH: The surprising marriage of Digital Humanities and Bioinformatics. Talk at the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, 26.03.2018.

Paper Meeting "Neutestamentliches Kolloquium der schweizerischen theologischen Fakultäten"

Schulthess, Sara, Die frühen arabischen Übersetzungen der Paulusbriefe: Zwei Handschriften, zwei Beispiele. Paper at the meeting "Neutestamentliches Kolloquium der schweizerischen theologischen Fakultäten", Zurich, 13.05.2017.

Paper Conference "Translators, copyists and interpreters: Jews, Christians and Muslims"

Schulthess, Sara, Marciana Gr. Z. 11 (379): A New Testament multilingual manuscript from a multilingual milieu?. Paper at the international conference "Translators, copyists and interpreters: Jews, Christians and Muslims", Córdoba, 27.04.2017.


Paper EADH Day 2017

Schulthess, Sara; Clivaz, Claire; Chasapi, Anastasia; Sankar, Martial; Xenarios, Ioannis, A Trilingual Greek-Latin-Arabic Manuscript of the New Testament: A Fascinating Object as Test Case for New DH Practices. Paper at the EADH Day “Diversity, multiculturalism and theoretical foundations of DH: how big can the tent be?”, Rome, 25.01.2017.