5.1 On the platform: blog and transcriptions

Given that the aim of the project is to present continuously our research, new folios are directly made available when they can be uploaded and corrections are often made in a second stage. This is only at the end of the project that the complete seven letters of Paul will be available (for now, 31 folios are online).

The research blog is part of the continuous publishing process. In the blog, we offer regular updates about the development of the project and we share regularly overviews of our research.

Of particular interest for continuous publication is the ISSN code, whose purpose is to identify all continuing resources. In May, the HumaReC platform received an ISSN from the Swiss National Library (ISSN 2504-5075): all the published material associated with the project can be referred to with this number. HumaReC can now be found in the Swiss Library catalog Helveticat.

Another ISSN will be given in due time by Brill to the Web Book, after approval following the final peer-review.